Travelling with Medical Marijuana In and Out of Canada

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Travelling with Medical Marijuana In and Out of Canada

As of October 17th, 2018, the consumption of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes is legal across Canada. However, the situation gets slightly complicated when you decide to travel with your weed, because marijuana is still banned in many parts of the world.

Therefore, it’s important to be well-read on the subject so that you don’t face any consequences for travelling with your licensed and legally acquired medical marijuana.

Travelling Within Canada

Thanks to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), you can travel across Canada with prescription drugs that include medical marijuana. As long as the amount you’re carrying is legal and you have your prescription and other necessary documents, airport security won’t trouble you.

You will have to go through regular scrutiny, where your medical documents will be assessed to ensure that you’re indeed using the drug for medical purposes.

Keep in mind, when travelling by air, you’re only allowed to bring along 30 days’ worth of medical marijuana. Therefore, your bags will be checked to make sure you’re not carrying more than the legal amount.

If you’re travelling with marijuana for the first time, it’s advised that you reach the airport earlier than expected, because the security screening can run longer than normal.

Another smart thing to do is to carry your medical marijuana license Edmonton and medical documentation in your carry-on—and together—so that you can readily produce them whenever you’re required to.

Travelling Outside of Canada

Although Canada has legalized marijuana when it comes to international travel, the plant cannot be taken across borders. This is because the Canadian airlines follow international law, which states that you need to abide by the law of the country that you’re in. And since the use of marijuana—even for medical purposes—is prohibited in most countries, Canada has made it illegal to travel internationally with marijuana.

But that poses a question: what about the countries where marijuana is legalized? Well, one such country is America. But since the use of cannabis is only legal in a few states, it’s still banned at the federal level. So if you travel into the US with marijuana in tow, you’ll be taken into custody.

Travelling Outside of Canada

In fact, their cross-border policy regarding marijuana is so absurd that they deny entry to Canadians who have come clean and admitted they have consumed marijuana in the past!

So it’s better to steer clear of the trouble and only travel with your weed within your country!

However, if you don’t want to travel with days’ worth of medication, you can Medical Marijuana Card Online in Canada and get connected with the best medical marijuana providers in Canada by registering with us!

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