Toking Medical Marijuana

Mar 11, 2019 | admin | Blog

Toking Medical Marijuana: How to Combat the Coughs

Although many methods are available for consuming medical marijuana, toking (or smoking) continues to remain the most popular.

Why medical marijuana consumers prefer smoking the drug?

  • First, because it provides a fast-acting relief mechanism; medical marijuana when inhaled tends to act faster than if consumed as an edible.
  • Second, because it’s an effective way of sampling various strains of medical marijuana; by smoking it, consumers can discover the unique effects of each strain.

But toking medical marijuana has a catch.

What’s that catch?

It’s often accompanied by coughing jags that some patients may find uncomfortable.

Smoking medical marijuana and coughing

Coughing is part of the toking experience. Anyone who has smoked medical marijuana, would have experienced coughing at some point. And while brief attacks of coughing are nothing to be worried about, incessant coughing is something that you may well want to avoid. After all, it’s a sign that your lungs are irritated.

Is lung irritation a sign of concern in itself?

Not really; not at least when it comes to the potential of lung cancer. That said, you’re still better off without it in the long run—it just isn’t healthy.

So how can you combat the toking-induced coughs?

Stop toking

Wait, you don’t need to stop reading! What we mean is that you need to give your vaporizer a rest and eat your medical cannabis. Yes, it will take you longer to feel the effects of the drug, but if you can’t handle the coughs at all, it’s the better (and advisable) option for you.

Take smaller puffs

Want to stick with smoking? If so, then we’d advise you to take smaller and delayed puffs. Give your lungs some room to breathe fresh air. And no, you don’t have to worry; you’ll still get your suitable dose of the drug.

Use a less aggressive vaporizer

You can also try using a vaporizer that has a smaller heating element to keep the vapour easier on your lungs. Combine it with smaller puffs for even better results.

Avoid holding the smoke

This is more of a general tip. There’s no need for you to hold the smoke when toking medical marijuana. Some people do it because they think it helps to enhance the effects of the drug. That’s wrong. If anything, it only irritates your lungs more without “actually” improving your medical condition.

We hope you find the above information helpful to combatting the coughs when smoking medical marijuana.

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