Advantages of Using CBD Oil

Dec 12, 2018 | admin | Blog, CBD Oil

The Many Advantages of Using CBD Oil

One of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis is cannabidiol (CBD), which has plenty of therapeutic properties.  What makes this such an effective compound is the fact that CBD does not bring with it a “high” which is caused by other cannabinoids like THC, making it an extremely safe option free of dangerous side effects. CBD is commonly used in an oil form, and has a number of health benefits.

Chronic Pain Relief

CBD is widely used because of its analgesic properties, i.e. its ability to provide relief from chronic pain. Once CBD interacts with the body’s receptors, specifically in the immune system and the brain, it reduces inflammation considerably and soothes the pain. Unlike other forms of treatment and medication, however, CBD oil does not have an adverse side effect on the patients, making it an effective option.

Combating Anxiety

Apart from effectively treating physiological symptoms, CBD oil is also very useful for mental health and well-being. An abundance of research has been done on the effect CBD has on treating generalized anxiety disorder, a condition that affects 700,000 Canadians as per previous records.

A study published in 2011 found that CBD is also effective in combating social anxiety. This is due to the effect CBD has on the limbic and paralimbic areas in the brain, and the activity that takes place in there. Not only that, but it has also been found to be of immense help to individuals suffering from PTSD.

Treats Childhood Epilepsy

The anti-seizure properties contained in CBD make it a recommended form of medication, especially for treating children who have shown drug-resistance. This has no side effects whatsoever, making it a completely safe and practical option.

In fact, according to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, those who were given CBD treatment showed a decrease in the frequency of their seizures by 23%, in comparison with the ones who received a placebo.

Fighting Cancer

Marijuana has been a suggested remedy for treating cancerous tumours for a few years now. However, recent studies have shown that Cannabidiol, rather than strains of Cannabis Sativa, is more effective for fighting cancer cells in the body.

The antitumor properties of CBD can enhance the killing of cancerous cells, and are especially beneficial for treating leukemia and colon cancer. Moreover, CBD also inhibits the growth of cervical cancer cells, and show promising results.

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