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How to Legally Order Medical Marijuana Online in Canada

Medical marijuana is a popular alternative therapeutic approach for treating a wide range of medical conditions. It’s quite commonly prescribed by medical practitioners in Canada, as well as by doctors in other countries. There is substantial clinical evidence available that validates the safety and efficacy of the drug for medicinal purposes.

If you live in Canada and are interested in using medical marijuana to treat your current medical condition, you first need to have a medical cannabis certificate (or medical marijuana card) from an authorized healthcare practitioner to legally access the drug.

To get a medical cannabis certificate, you can either:

  • Visit a medical marijuana clinic near you; or
  • You can contact an online medical marijuana card service that will then arrange a teleconsultation session for you with an authorized physician or nurse in your province

Irrespective of which option you choose to go with, the process for getting approved for medical marijuana is basically the same. That said, most people in Canada prefer to work with an online medical marijuana card service because they find the option more convenient. They don’t have to find a clinic. They don’t have to visit the clinic. Everything is handled online.

In case, if you decide to apply for a medical marijuana card through an online card service, there are a few things that you may want to make note of:

The documents that you will need

The assigned and accredited healthcare practitioner (they can either be a doctor or a nurse) needs to ensure that your medical condition qualifies for marijuana intervention before they can issue you the certificate. For that, you’ll have to provide supporting medical documents and records validating your medical history. The submitted diagnosis should be no older than five years old and must come from a physician practising within Canada.

The process of approval

You’ll remotely work with the healthcare provider who will medically assess you and determine if your medical condition warrants the use of medical marijuana. If the practitioner believes that the drug can benefit you, they will issue you the medical cannabis certificate, which will be delivered to your registered address by the online medical marijuana card service.

What next?

After you’ve received your medical cannabis certificate, you’ll then need to register with a licensed medical cannabis producer in Canada. There are currently more than 150 licensed marijuana cultivators and sellers operating across the country. You can get the complete list here. Choose a provider that best fits your medical marijuana shopping needs.

Register with your preferred producer by sending them a copy of your medical marijuana certificate. Once registered, you can then order medical marijuana from their online store.

If you need any additional assistance, you can reach out to Auraceuticals for help.

Auraceuticals is your one stop solution for everything medical cannabis. We facilitate patients in applying for their medical marijuana card in Canada and provide information on the medical use of the drug. If you’re interested in applying for medical marijuana card online, contact us on this link. You can also find the latest information about medical marijuana in Canada by visiting our blog section.  

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