Do You Know How Medical Cannabis is Grown in Canada?

May 27, 2019 | admin | Blog

Do You Know How Medical Cannabis is Grown in Canada?

The federal Cannabis Act legalized the cultivation and growth of medical marijuana in licensed plantations on October 17th, 2018.

However, all medical marijuana growing facilities have to maintain a strict code of conduct. They have to follow the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations to be able to legally produce cannabis across Canada. How is the plant cultivated in the country? Let’s find out:

Under the Grass Ceiling

Canada’s climate is a force to be reckoned with; therefore, most Canadian medical marijuana plantations are based indoors. They’re very much like greenhouses that grow tomatoes all year round, because like staple vegetables, medical marijuana is needed and consumed throughout the year!

A Budding Industry

Many licensed marijuana producers turn to hydroponic production of the crop. This means that cannabis is grown without being rooted in the soil. Others grow the plant under artificial conditions, sowing it in soil alternatives. In both scenarios, the plants are watered and placed in fertilizers in a controlled setting to maintain the growth process.

A Budding Industry

These artificial methods of growing marijuana involve exposing the plant to artificial light throughout the day, which help producers produce marijuana at a higher speed to cater to eliminate supply shortage.

Catering to High Demands

The reason most licensed marijuana producers in Canada cultivate the crop indoors is two-fold. For one, the marijuana plant requires utmost attention, otherwise, it goes bad. Therefore, growing cannabis indoors helps producers monitor conditions more closely and in detail. Indoor facilities can also ensure that the temperature is maintained throughout the process no matter how cold it gets outside.

The second most important reason for growing pot indoors is the high demand in the market ever since legalization. When marijuana is grown indoors and through artificial methods, the plant grows at a quicker pace, catering to the high demand.

Blunt Laws

The laws and regulations concerning the production and consumption of marijuana, even for medical purposes, are still very strict. The producers of the plant must adhere to the standards set by Health Canada to be authorized to produce the crop legally.

This makes it eminent for the producers to grow the best quality weed in the most secure conditions so that patients can get the best treatment.

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