Beginner’s Guide: Ways of Consuming Medical Marijuana

May 22, 2019 | admin | Blog

Beginner’s Guide: Ways of Consuming Medical Marijuana

With the legalization of weed, many Canadians have come out to explore their pain medication options and try their hand at medical marijuana for various ailments. In fact, the CIBC reckons that the legalization of the drug has led Canadians to desire marijuana more than wine!

So if you’re someone who’s jumping on the pot bandwagon for the first time like many others, there are many ways to set out on the highway!

Smoking Marijuana

The oldest trick in the Medical Cannabis consumption book is inhalation. This involves the traditional method of rolling a joint using a piece of paper or pipe. Another way of smoking marijuana is vaping. This includes using dried up marijuana leaves and stuffing them into disposable cartridges that can that be smoked by the patients as per prescription.

Edible Marijuana

This is perhaps the most popular method of consuming marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. In fact, edible marijuana is the main reason behind the slow de-stigmatization of the drug.

Edible marijuana is available in the form of chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and even cannabis gummies. This makes it a popular choice among consumers because it feels like they’re snacking when they’re, in fact, taking medication for their ailments!

Another form of edible marijuana is cannabis oil, that can be administered into the body in multiple ways, one of which being, through capsules. Cannabis oil is one of the most desired medical marijuana products because it’s low on THC and, therefore, doesn’t have any psychoactive effects on patients who’re taking the drug solely for pain relief.

Concentrated Marijuana

Concentrated Marijuana

Made from the marijuana flower oil, through a solvent-less extraction, concentrated marijuana helps patients focus on the properties and uses of cannabinoids to their preference. Concentrates can be consumed via smoking a joint or through electrical vaporizers, again depending on the patients’ choice of method.

Applying Marijuana on Skin

As THC and CBD are chemicals that can seep into the skin, there are balm salves and moisturizing lotions available for patients that can be rubbed into the skin for instant pain relief. Moreover, cannabis oil can also be massaged into the skin which works in the same way.

In addition, some patients also use bath-bombs that contain cannabinoids. These create a relaxing and calming effect on the body, as it is soaked in the bathtub concoction!


There’s nothing wrong with using medical marijuana for managing chronic pain or other medical issues. Therefore, you mustn’t feel embarrassed for reaching out and asking for help. Register with us, to get acquainted with the wonderful world of medical marijuana and create your account to order medical marijuana in Canada.

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